Why 101Project?

101Project is an organized cloud-based platform facilitates the efficiency of project management. Daily project management task such as monitoring project progress, learning resources, reporting project issues, and tracking distributed tasks can all be accomplished in our 101Project platform. 101Project is designed based on the needs of enterprises streamlining the workflow of project management.

With our easy-to-read surface, project supervisors are able to detect project risks and vulnerbilities at an early stage in order to prevent projects from failing. There are some other helpful features; for instance, building project-specific strategies, devising a work breakdown structure, and allocating resources. Project Plus also supports data importing from software sources such as MS Project and MS Excel to make it effortless to integrate your work on one roadmap.

101Project application is also accessible on mobile devices and various web browsers allowing enterprise users to have access to the platform anytime and anywhere you go!

Streamline your workflow for project management with our 101Project with lots of benefits as following:

01NO high running costs
01NO IT specialists required
01NO long learning curve
01NO need to purchase additional systems