Feature 1
Minimize Cost
Our 101Project is a “Pay-Per-Use Software” on a cloud-based platform that does not require enterprises to spend extra costs on infrastructures such as building a computer room and procuring hardware machines. 101cloud
Feature 2
Quick to Learn
Online guidances and demo videos are bundled with the purchase of our 101Project cloud-based platform to speed up your time in learning our platform. 101cloud
Feature 3
Support Mobile Devices
101Porject mobile version supports both IOS and Android system and various web browsers. With a few sets up, you may also integrate 101Project calendar function on your phone with both IOS and Android platforms natively. 101cloud
Feature 4
Project Span Monitoring
Make executing, monitoring and finalizing every stage in projects effectively and efficiently with our 101Project platform! Enterprises can integrate used templates and modify the work flow anytime to fit different projects’ requirements. 101cloud
Feature 5
MS Project/Excel Data Migration
Tools that enterprises often use such as MS Project and MS Excel can be imported into the 101Project with ease. Moreover, 101Project can act as a network platform for MS Project as an enhancement rather than a replacement. 101cloud
Feature 6
Meet Your Business Needs
101Project index page is designed to show clear visibility of various projects allowing enterprise users to respond to problems and reports in a timely manner. Resources and shared documents can be stored on 101Project platform enabling enterprises to access and manage the sources just a few clicks away! 101cloud